(formerly Empowering Your Dream)

Psychic/Intuitive Reading Party

Individual Reading:

Private one on one 20 minute reading

5-12 people (Duration varies based on number of guests)

$40 per person

Host a party of 8 guests and your reading is free.

Group Reading:

When you gather a small group and every person wants to be read in a circle setting, with everyone present. Each person gets a message – usually 5 – 7 minutes. In this setting, each message is for the specific person being focused on, as well as for the rest of the members of the group.

10-25 people (Duration varies based on number of guests)

$30 per person

Art Reading Party

You create a masterpiece from different mediums available – magazine cutouts, paints, markers, stickers, and others. You can think of creating the art or collage as creating your very own oracle card. I will connect with your guides and angels, and and do a reading of your creation to interpret the messages for you.

First hour of the party includes introduction, a guided meditation and description and demonstration of the art. Guests have two hours for creating their art and receiving reading and interpretation. I provide all supplies. Guests and host are welcome and invited to bring their own magazines.

6 – 12 people  $40 per person

3 hour Art Reading Party

Reiki Party

During a Reiki party each guest will enjoy their own private 10 – 20 minute session, which includes a message. Whether you have had the pleasure of a Reiki treatment before, or you’re your new to Reiki, this session will give you exactly just what you need to be re-energized and de-stress.

5 – 10 people  $40 per person