(formerly Empowering Your Dream)

Intuitive Readings

Come to Transitions Healing Center to receive messages from your Angels and Spirit Guides to help you find your path, and any possible blocks that you can clear to follow it.  These blocks can originate from your current lifetime or past lifetimes.  Your reading can pertain to your path to abundance, love, family, as well as any other path for which you desire to clear and follow.

Fee:    $  70 for 30 minutes

           $120 for 60 minutes 

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Reiki Energy Healing

The word Reiki is a Japanese phrase which means Universal Energy.   Reiki can assist in physical, emotional and spiritual balancing and healing. Reiki can be administered either by physical touch or can be sent long distance. 

Fee:  $75 - In Person/Skype  

         $65 - Distance  

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Soul Clearing

Soul clearing can unblock spiritual blockages, emotional, psychological or even relationship, that are preventing us from being all that we can be. These blockages can be from your current lifetime or previous lifetimes. I will connect with your High Self committee (spiritual beings that guide you through your life plan) - this is known as a "clearing".  Clearing the negative programming we carry with us from our past lives, is crucial to moving forward in our life plan.


   $90 for initial session (60 - 90 minutes)              Available in person and in Skype

   $70 - subsequent sessions - 45 - 60                     minutes

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Intuitive Transition Coaching

Basic package:

  • 90-minute introductory assessment and Soul Clearing Session
  • One In-person 60 minute session included per month. Session will be whatever you need that month. Examples: energy healing,Intuitive guidance, customized psychic development exercise
  • Discounted admission to monthly psychic development shares
  • Ongoing text and email support
  • Inclusion in weekly distance Reiki healing sessions
  • Chakra balancing
  • Homework assignments and assistance with accountability
  • 10% discount on classes, workshops and individual services outside of coaching packages


1 month:   $200

3 months: $500 paid in full

6 months: $1000 paid in full

Premium Package:

In addition to the Basic Package: 

  • Customized Guided Meditation Recording, infused with Reiki energy
  • Customized Crystal Collection
  • Customized Oil Blend – infused with Reiki energy


1 month:   $300

3 months: $750 paid in full

6 months: $1600 paid in full


Crystal Jewelry

Customized Essential Oils and Blends 

Hand painted Crystal Grids

Hand painted Mandala Rocks

Himalayan Lamps

     and more!

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