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Come to Transitions Healing Center to receive messages from your Angels and Spirit Guides to help you find your path, and any possible blocks that you can clear to follow it.  We have a variety of readings to choose from.  

Email Readings

Life Path Reading

Soul Clearing

Intuitive Reading

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Energy Healing

Energy healing can assist in physical, emotional and spiritual balancing and healing. It can be administered either by physical touch or can be sent long distance. Reiki is one type of energy healing.  The word Reiki is a Japanese phrase which means Universal Energy.

Fee:  $75 - Phone/Face-to-face video

         $65 - Distance 

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Reiki Infused Metaphysical Items

Crystal Jewelry

Customized Essential Oils and Blends 

Hand painted Crystal Grids

Hand painted Mandala Rocks

Himalayan Lamps

     and more

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Interested in an appointment to learn how we can support you along your journey to well-being?  

Schedule a reading at your workplace, community event, or group party. Contact Felicia for presentations at (614)321-7462

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