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Soul clearing can unblock spiritual blockages, emotional, psychological or even relationship, that are preventing us from being all that we can be. These blockages can be from your current lifetime or previous lifetimes. I will connect with your High Self committee (spiritual beings that guide you through your life plan) - this is known as a "clearing".  Clearing the negative programming we carry with us from our past lives, is crucial to moving forward in our life plan.

In a soul clearing session use a pendulum and a set of charts to find programs running in the subconscious mind and soul records to determine and release the beliefs, blocks, interference, and programs that can prevent us from enjoying life.

Areas that can be helped:

¨ Dissolve health issues at the cellular level

¨ Improve your personal relationships

¨ Mitigate or eliminate phobias, allergies, and recurring physical difficulties

¨ Dissolve addictions/addictive behaviors

¨ Remove blocks to positive self-expression, including love, success and abundance

   $150 per session (60 - 90 minutes)         Phone/Face-to-face video

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